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Family History - Mary Patterson (nee Conchie)

Mary Conchie was born to John Conchie and Barbara Conchie, nee MacKenzie on Sunday "the 11th day of July, 1880. She married Duncan C. Patterson in Dennistown, Glasgow Scotland, in the year 1900.  Mary immigrated to Canada in September 1914.  After the death of her husband she proceeded to raise her six children, first with the supportive help of her Aunt. Mary Conchie Patterson received notice of the death of her husband Duncan first by reading the casualty list published in the morning Winnipeg Tribune.  Not really believing that all this was possible she waited for the very short and blunt telegram from the Federal Government. The family stood around in disbelief at first, then burst into tears of agony as the realization began to seep in.

Barbara Conchie, her Aunt and a nurse by profession tried to help the family through their grief but she succumbed in Winnipeg on September 29th, 1918, at the age of 67.   Simon her brother came to her aid and kept a watchful eye on his sister until he married many years later.  Mary however, somehow managed with frugality and determination to succeed on the meager pension she received. She worked when she could find employment. Somehow she managed to purchase a house at 435 Younge Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

patgirls.jpg (12809 bytes)A picture of the three daughters taken in 1922 is supplied for viewing.  From left to right: Christina Fraser Patterson; Barbara Janet Patterson; and, Elizabeth Curry Soutar (nee Patterson).

Mary Conchie Patterson died at the age of 70 years, and is buried in the Brookside Cemetery in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her brother Simon Conchie died in Scotland while on holidays and is buried in the Family Plot there. At the time of his death he had two living sons, John and Bruce.


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